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Brooklyn café

About us

Marc Tregon Estrella founder and co owner of the company, with  a long background in coffee industry with more than 20 years, took the gamble to use only colombian coffees in this project in 2015. His first contacts in the specialty coffee started there and so his romance with this land began.


Carrer de Bac de Roda, 79

08005 Barcelona

Carrer d’Europa, 28

08028 Barcelona

Carrer de Buenos Aires, 28

08036 Barcelona

“Our 4 core elements; Sustainability, Hospitality, Baristas and innovation"

Brooklyn Cafe

At Brooklyn WE love coffe


Para preguntas sobre nuestros productos o ayuda para hacer un pedido, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros. Estaremos encantados de ayudarte.

Brooklyn café